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California joins growing PSI National Barber & Cosmetology Program


Glendale, CA [July 6, 2022] – Today the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology joined with PSI Services LLC (PSI), a leading provider of high-stakes testing solutions, to launch the innovative PSI National Barber and Cosmetology Program.

With one of the largest Barber and Cosmetology licensing programs in the country, California is the most recent addition to PSI’s pioneering national program. It allows the Board to assess skills in evolving public health and safety standards to protect the ongoing safety of both the consumer and the licensee.

Individuals in California and other participating states now have access to PSI’s battery of national exams for all barber and cosmetology related disciplines. These assessments ensure licensees are competent to use potentially dangerous tools and are aware of vital infection control procedures.

Alon Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Licensure, PSI said: “The PSI National Barber & Cosmetology program is changing and improving the system where each state had its own program. It’s a positive step for barbering and cosmetology, both in the state and nationally.”

The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology regulates more than half a million licensees and over 50,000 establishments. PSI delivers 35,000 secure exams a year to ensure those granted a license in California have the skills and knowledge required to keep clients and licensees safe.

Alon added: “At PSI we have a vision for a national program that is applied across the country, with a uniform exam.”


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