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Cat food from the freshmeatdryer

Cat food from the freshmeatdryer

London – Cats love hunting, whether they live indoors or outdoors. There is an inherent drive behind this, which varies from cat to cat. Studies have shown that cats feel a sense of happiness while eating the hunted prey. This is prompted by certain micronutrients and amino acids that are absorbed which the fresh meat of the prey animal. With the help of a freshmeatdryer, it has now been possible for the first time to preserve these natural micronutrients and amino acids of the fresh meat. The first cat food from the freshmeatdryer is called MeatCrisp. It is a dry food that makes cats more balanced because it reduces the urge to chase.

MeatCrisp from the freshmeatdryer – a cat food for physical and mental health

Cat Hunting

Cat Hunting

MeatCrisp is made from 83 percent fresh meat, plus fresh salmon and other ingredients important for cat health, such as taurine. No meat meal is used in the preparation of MeatCrisp. Meat meal (often labelled as “dried meat, ground” or “dried meat”) is not meat because it lacks the meat juices found in fresh meat, a nutrient-rich liquid that contains protein, creatine and iron. Meat meal is only produced after multiple heating under high pressure from waste products of the meat industry. Multiple heating is required by law to kill disease-causing germs. Compared to fresh meat, meat meal has fewer nutrients, a higher ash content and lower protein digestibility.

The freshmeatdryer makes the difference in quality

The freshmeatdryer is a great innovation for cats. It allows fresh meat to be crisped together with very less carbohydrates to make a complete dry food. This makes the freshmeatdryer a seal of quality that allows you to distinguish between cat food made from fresh meat and from cat food made from meat meal, meat proteins and vegetable proteins respectively. Meat meal, meat proteins and vegetable proteins are inferior ingredients – vegetable proteins are less easily digested by carnivores than animal proteins.

Irresistible without attractants – that’s what the freshmeatdryer does

The low temperature and constantly circulating air in the freshmeatdryer also preserves the natural taste of the meat. MeatCrisp therefore does not need attractants and is still preferred by cats.

MeatCrisp from the freshmeatdryer is available from Platinum at www.platinum.co.uk

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