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AlmaLinux is a community-driven alternative to RHEL and with the 9.2 (codenamed “Turquoise Kodkod”) release, it brings an updated toolchain, security improvements, and plenty of other additions to make this an outstanding option for workloads, applications, and services for multiple environments.

AlmaLinux is a server-centric Linux distribution, and 9.2 includes Linux kernel 5.14, GCC 11.3.1, Glibc 2.34, Binutils 2.35.2, Python 3.11, NGINX 1.22, PostgreSQL 15, Git 2.39.1, GDB 10.2, elfutils 0.188, PCP 6.0.1, Grafana 9.0.9, Rust 1.66, Go 1.19.6, OpenSSL 3.0.7, SELinux 3.5, the realmd system role, a SCAP profile, Ansible content for enhanced system checks, an enhanced web console, and tools for improved development and management of containerized deployments.

There also are plenty of bug fixes in the latest release and the Gnome version defaults to the Wayland video protocol and the Pipeware audio server.

You can download AlmaLinux 9.2 with either the Gnome, Gnome Mini, KDE Plasma, MATE, or Xfce desktops. AlmaLinux can be installed on x86_64, aarch64, ppc64le, and s390x architecture. Download an ISO and read the full release notes for AlmaLinux 9.2.


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