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Imagine being able to install apps from Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu, Android, and even the web onto a single distribution. That’s what blendOS does.

Created by the same maintainer as Ubuntu Unity, blendOS allows you to use the native Arch package manager (pacman), as well as dnf (from Fedora) and apt (from Ubuntu). Both dnf and apt are made available as containers by way of the Podman container runtime engine (with a bit of help from Distrobox for init and NVIDIA driver support).

Even though blendOS is based on Arch Linux, the developers have made it such that you can use any app from a supported distro. On top of that, you can choose between either the GNOME or KDE Plasma desktop.

When you install applications using the containerized versions of dnf or apt, those applications will be available from the base OS (so you don’t have to run them from the command line as typical Podman containers).

blendOS is also a rolling and immutable operating system, that allows you to install system packages as you normally would, while still being able to roll back to an existing snapshot.

You can also use the blendOS build scripts to create and submit your own blendOS remix with the desktop environment of your choice.

You can read more about the new release of blendOS here.


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