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The Debian LTS Team works to extend the lifetime of Debian stable to five years. We talk to team members to learn more about this little-known project.

The increasing number of large nonprofit and commercial installations in the last couple of decades has made long term support (LTS) releases a fixture in Linux. Debian, often seen as one of the more community-based distributions, is not an exception to this trend. Debian LTS [1] – funded by Freexian, a service company founded by long-time Debian developer Raphaël Hertzog [2] – has become a large subproject, cooperating with the main Debian distribution but remaining semi-independent.

Despite a number of Debian LTS contributors blogging regularly about their work, this project within a project has flown under the radar for years. Out of curiosity, I contacted Debian LTS to learn more. Answers to my questions were collected by Roberto C. Sánchez, the coordinator of the Debian LTS team, and Christopher Huhn volunteered to provide a user’s persective.

Linux Magazine (LM): How did the Debian LTS project begin?


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