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Matthew Miller, Fedora Project Leader, discusses Fedora’s relationship with Red Hat and its role in the Linux community.

The Fedora Project [1] was started in 2003 as the community face of the newly established Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Although sometimes dismissed as no more than a beta release for RHEL, Fedora quickly became a popular community choice as well, with numerous spins and builds. Twenty years later, it is also one of the main sources for numerous major commercial distributions, including RHEL, CentOS Stream, Rocky Linux, and AlmaLinux, as well as a dozen derivatives in its own right.

Matthew Miller has been Fedora Project Leader since 2014. As he prepared for Flock, the Fedora Project’s annual conference, in Cork, Ireland, in August 2023, Miller kindly agreed to talk about the current state of Fedora.

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