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Version: 5.1.0
Rating: 8
Date: 2023-02-28
Votes: 0
It runs fairly stable, allows a wide variety of software to be installed. Never used the Bodhi App Centre, always installed manually / via APT.
Moksha desktop is ok, although the Widgets something to get used to.
However, it keeps disabling my WiFi unexpectedly which cannot be resolved other than a re-boot (yes, Windows style!).
The Forum is blocking access with a decent VPN or TOR, so that’s of no help either, counter-productive to basic security.
I’m not writing it off but if you can get by w.o a forum and the occasional “hiccup”, this is good for you.
Version: 6.0.0
Rating: 10
Date: 2023-01-26
Votes: 8
After hopping and bopping countless distros I stumbled upon Bodhi 6 a couple of months ago. There is a significant learning curve if you want things JUST RITE, and I gave up on it once, but the sheer speed brought me back to spend more time and I am glad I did. It’s kind of like when I bought a brand new pickup… there was nothing to DO on it, so I never really bonded with it. Old cars and trucks, yes, you work with them and bond with them or you toss them. Well, Bodhi, after a day or so of tinkering HARD, has produced a workhorse for me. Things like trying to get Google Earth running on it were not trivial with my Intel HD 630 video hardware (HP570), but, as I say, tinkering works, as long as it’s not mind blowingly tough. Most other things just work. This distro is almost as fast as Puppy itself, much faster than MX or even Peppermint. I get bored when I have to boot Win 11 for some reason, with the wait times. Puppy is cool, but disasterously tough to work with for me. MX and Peppermint were fun, but MX had too many bugs for my comfort and would not boot on about half of my laptops. Bodhi has worked everywhere and is nice enough looking out of the box to just start using. SPEED and EFFICIENCY of Bodhi, along with its usability make this a KEEPER!
Version: 6.0.0
Rating: 9
Date: 2022-08-20
Votes: 14
I like low powered computers as I use a mini box M350 fanless mini itx case with an Intel N3050 processor 1.6 ghz turbo to 2.08 ghz ,this is a nominal 6 watt processor, (my case will run fanless up to 10 watt ) I love the silence and the absolute economy of it ,compare to an i3 Intel processor nominal 52 watt ,once just a fad now an economic necessity ,i.e.less than one sixth of an average power use ! with that set up you can run a gnome distribution but it is slow but when you put Bodhi on it it will just just fly. Bodhi works really well and so many low resource distributions are no where near as low resource as they claim but Bodhi uses less than 200 of ram from the start and is a complete system ,i.e. nothing missing and with every thing that you could want from Ubuntu software. my system is mini itx motherboard with N3050 processor ( no processor fan ,no case fan and 8GB of ram and an 128 GB ssd ) = total silence and full performance,this would be overkill with 4 GB of ram.I can do every thing on this system that I can do with an i3 system that I have ,but this is the one I always use,Bodhi 6 really is the answer if you want top performance from inexpensive hardware and using less than one sixth of the power. I mostly do what the majority of people do,email ,surfing news and Linux websites ,Ebay,Spotify,steaming live TV and music,Facebook etc. I have distro hopped and tried many alternatives and Bodhi 6 is superb and streets ahead of anything else,yes it takes a while to get used to it and to understand how it works but so worth the effort, ” SIMPLY THE BEST ”

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