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Docker is never one to stand still and the latest announcement shows they understand the needs of both developers and the companies that depend on them. With Docker Build Cloud (available now for existing customers), they’ve created a hybrid environment. This allows developers to work with their traditional (and familiar) local development tools for tasks such as coding and debugging, while then making use of the cloud for more resource-intensive workloads or when collaboration is required.

Docker Build Cloud makes it possible for developers to dramatically speed up build times to not only prevent them from having to wait around while builds are completed but to also save businesses money and speed up innovation.

According to DoctorBlocks (CTO at Switchboard), “Docker Build Cloud provides native multi-architecture builders as an out-of-the-box solution that simply works, without the need to build or manage slow emulators. Our overall build times improved considerably through the shared cache feature. Before on our local machine it took 15-20 minutes to build, now with Docker Build Cloud it’s down to 110 seconds, a massive improvement.”

Existing Docker subscribers can try Docker Build Cloud today and will receive minutes based on their subscription tier. The official announcement states “Docker Personal, Pro, Team and Business.

Subscribers can purchase Docker Build Cloud plans which add 200 minutes per seat per month starting at $5 a seat per month, and additional minutes beyond those start at $0.05/minute.”
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