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The next-generation laptop from TUXEDO is faster and lighter than previous business models.

In the old days, we all thought nothing of buying a retail Windows laptop, reformatting (or shrinking) the partition, and setting it up with Linux. Outcomes varied, but eventually you could get it working. But how much time did you spend removing an operating system you didn’t want just to install the system you did want? When Linux started to reach the mainstream, it became clear the world needed reliable, stable, secure options for Linux users who want to boot their computer into their preferred system without the hassles and complications.

The list of retailers selling pre-built Linux laptops includes giants like Lenovo and Dell, but also includes some smaller vendors who specialize in Linux systems and therefore make Linux the sole focus of their attention. We’ve reviewed a number of the products in this sector in previous issues of Linux Magazine. Recently we received the TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 16 Gen7 MK1 system [1], which is listed for EUR1,224 at the TUXEDO website.

TUXEDO has been popular in Europe for years, and it is becoming more of a presence within the North American market. Like some of the other Linux specialists, TUXEDO maintains its own Linux distro, which they call TUXEDO OS.


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