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Endless OS 6 Now Available » Linux Magazine

Endless OS 6 Now Available » Linux Magazine

Based on Debian 12 “Bookworm,” Endless OS has arrived with kernel 6.5 and is an amalgam of Gnome apps and other open source software.

On the desktop, you’ll find a combination of Gnome 43 and 46 apps. From Gnome 46, you’ll find Gnome Calculator, Gnome Text Editor, Epiphany, Decibels, and Loupe. The remainder of the Gnome apps are specifically from version 43.

The desktop OS app collection is rounded out with LibreOffice 24.2, Chromium 124, and the Endless Key educational app, which allows learners to explore numerous resources curated to provide learning, academic enrichment, and interest-based tools (such as those for coding, arts and crafts, cooking, and career exploration).

This latest release also includes Pipewire 1.0 and promises to handle instances of low memory better than the previous iteration.

According to the official release notes, the development team “…adjusted how Endless OS 6 handles low memory (RAM) situations by increasing the allowed memory “pressure”. Older hardware and lower-end systems will be able to multi-task quite a bit more now before the OS gets slow and starts closing apps.”

You can read more about this latest iteration in the official release notes and download an ISO for installation from the official download page.


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