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Ada & Zangemann: A Tale of Software, Skateboards, and Raspberry Ice Cream is an illustrated children’s book that centers around a famous inventor, Zangemann, who has created inventions loved by all. The book is written by Matthias Kirschner and Sandra Brandstätter.

One day a curious young tinkerer, Ada, smacks Zangemann in the shin with her skateboard. After this incident, the famous inventor makes a “momentous decision” but Ada sees through the ruse. The girl begins to experiment with hardware and software and realizes how important it is for others to be able to control technology.

This book is sure to interest readers, from 6 to 106, and inspire them to tinker and help shape the world of technology. It also serves as a cautionary tale for standing up to bullies, all the while offering a backdrop of ethics and commenting on challenging topics such as monopolies, software freedom, e-waste and much more.

Ada & Zangemann was originally written in German and published by O’Reilly German. Recently, the book enjoyed its first English translation and is now available from No Starch Press.

There also are templates for children you can download, which allow children (of all ages) to do things like draw what Zangemann’s inventions might look like, drawing computers that might possibly be from Zangemann, and more.


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