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Last week, the Fedora Project announced the release of Fedora Remix 40 for Apple Silicon-powered Macs. This new release includes Plasma 6 and was developed in conjunction with Asahi Linux project.

On top of the vast amount of improvements in Plasma 6, this new release also adds OpenGL 4.6 support, which is conformant with the latest OpenGL versions and brings compatibility with modern OpenGL workloads (such as with Blender). Conformant drivers must pass more than 100,000 tests to be included. You can view the official list of drivers here.

The new release also features a customized Calamares-based initial setup wizard.

Along with the KDE Plasma remix, the project also released a Gnome variant that includes all of the latest features found in Gnome 46. As well, you’ll find a new Fedora Server variant of the Fedora Asahi remix, so you can turn your Mac into a powerful Linux server.

You can find official installation instructions here. The installation is as simple as running the following command on your Apple Silicon-based Mac:
curl https://fedora-asahi-remix.org/install | sh

You’ll be prompted for your user password and the installation will begin. If you’d prefer a nightly build, the command is:
curl https://fedora-asahi-remix.org/builds | sh


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