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If you need help staying organized, Linux does not let you down with its large collection of organization and scheduling tools.

Planning tools for the desktop have long since replaced the diary-style organizers that were often given away as promos in the past. These electronic organizers offer several advantages over their paper counterparts. They can’t be misplaced, illegible entries are a thing of the past, and thanks to reminder functions you’ll never miss an appointment or deadline.

Users are spoiled for choice: There are numerous graphical appointment calendars, some of which are preinstalled on desktop environments. Their feature sets differ considerably, potentially consuming your storage media. This article examines some of the leading free graphical schedulers for individual workstations. Not considered in this roundup are cloud-based personal information managers (PIMs), groupware calendars, and schedulers integrated into email clients.


The basic functions of an appointment scheduler include a daily, weekly, and monthly overview, where you can enter important dates. It should also be possible to set the time and duration of the event if needed. In addition, most organizers include some kind of reminder function that draws your attention to upcoming appointments.


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