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A number of open source projects offer tools for analyzing energy usage in software.

Word is starting to get out: Software often unnecessarily wastes a huge amount of energy. Several open source projects are developing tools for studying and measuring exactly how much. This article tours some of the most promising tools.

Taking a Tour

The Green Software Foundation (GSF) [1], which the Linux Foundation launched in 2022, has the stated mission to “Build a trusted ecosystem of people, standards, tooling, and best practices for creating and building green software.” For this purpose, the GSF, which includes companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and Accenture, is organized into working groups. There are already several repositories with software, tools, and documents available on https://github.com/Green-Software-Foundation.

For example, the Open Source Working Group (opensource-wg) maintains a repository called Awesome Green Software [2] with links to a whole host of tools and research articles on energy conservation, as well as links to useful free software. On top of this, you will find an overview of climate organizations, as well as access to free articles, papers, and books.


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