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At Black Hat Europe 2023, Fabio Pagani shared a presentation about a newly discovered collection of vulnerabilities being used against Linux and Windows systems that involves, believe it or not, logos.

LogoFAIL is a group of vulnerabilities that targets UEFI code from various firmware/BIOS vendors through high-impact flaws in the image parsing libraries within the firmware.

According to Binarly, “One of the most important discoveries is that LogoFAIL is not silicon-specific and can impact x86 and ARM-based devices. LogoFAIL is UEFI and IBV-specific because of the specifics of vulnerable image parsers that have been used. That shows a much broader impact from the perspective of the discoveries that will be presented on Dec 6th.”

The vulnerability was originally discovered on Lenovo devices with Insyde, AMI, and Phoenix reference code and was reported under the advisory BRLY-2023-006.

After the research group was able to demonstrate a number of attack surfaces from image-parsing firmware components, it became a “massive industry-wide disclosure.”

LogoFAIL allows attackers to store malicious images on either the EFI System Partition or inside unsigned sections of firmware updates. When the images are parsed at boot, the vulnerability is triggered and the payload can then be executed to hijack the process and bypass security features.

Hundreds of consumer and enterprise devices (from numerous vendors) are vulnerable. As of now, there’s no indication of when this vulnerability will be patched.


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