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Tails is a popular Linux distribution that focuses primarily on security, privacy, and anonymity.

For anyone who places privacy above all else, Tails is there for you because it retains no data when it is shut down. All settings, files, and logins are lost (unless you set it up with persistent storage).

Tails 6.0 was recently released and includes plenty of newness.

The highlights include plenty of UI improvements, updated applications, and improved device support. Tails 6.0 ships with the GNOME 43 desktop and finally adds a dark mode, GNOME’s Night Light, and everything else that came along with that particular GNOME release.

You also will find that Tails 6.0 includes a new auto-mount feature that supports encrypted devices and protection against malicious USB devices.

As far as applications are concerned, Tails includes the likes of KeePassXC 2.7.4, Inkscape 1.2.2, Audacity 3.2.4, GIMP 2.10.34, Tor Browser 13.0.10, Metadata Cleaner 2.4.0, and even a release of Thunderbird that supports Gmail accounts as well as the GNOME Text Editor.

To find out more about Tails 6.0, read the official release notes and find out how to install Tails from the official Install Tails page.


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