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Linux Mint 21.2, “Victoria,” is now available for general usage. This latest release includes a number of improvements, including a brand new take on the Greeter, which now has support for multiple keyboard layouts so you can easily switch.

As well, the touchpad was given some significant love such that tap-to-click is now automatically detected and enabled in the login screen. Users can also now configure the virtual keyboard.

The Pix image viewer has also been re-based on gThumb 3.12.2 with a new UI that includes header bars and buttons, in place of toolbars and menubars. Along with the UI change, there have been 168 total new features for this one app alone.

The look and feel of Linux Mint was also given some interesting tweaks. This includes two-tone icons and alternative color selections.

Other changes include improved tooltips and title bars, XDG Desktop Portal support added to XApp, a number of changes to Cinnamon 5.8 (such as the new Styles feature), improved notifications, gesture support, a resizable main menu, experimental theme support for bumpmap and blur, multi-threaded thumbnails in Nemo, improvements for Warpinator, and much more. In addition, low-level battery notifications for connected devices can now be disabled.

Read the full Linux Mint 21.2 release notes and download an ISO from the official Linux Mint Download page.


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