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LXQt is a fan-favorite Linux desktop environment for systems with meager resources. Suitable for older systems (but will run like an absolute champ on new hardware), LXQt is not just easy on hardware, but easy to use.

With the latest release, version 1.3, the developers have remained with Qt 5.15 (although work is being done for initial Qt6 support) and have focused on adding new features.

For example, the LXQt Panel now defaults to include the DOM plugin, fixes a bug in the clock widget as well as a bug discovered when switching between the dark and light themes. As well, the panel will correctly position the context menu when used with Wayland.

The default file manager, PCManFM-Qt has fixed a bug that prevented desktop items from “shaking” on configuration changes. Also, the latest iteration of the file manager adds a title for Desktop to help set window manager rules for certain Wayland compositors. You’ll also find that smooth scrolling can now be disabled in all view modes.

There is also now support for procps-ng >= 4.0.0 in the LXQt session tool for better detection of window managers and system trays.

Although the new feature and bug list isn’t exactly extensive, there were a lot of minor bug fixes added across the entire desktop.

Currently, LXQt is only available via source code. Eventually, however, rolling releases (such as Arch Linux, Gentoo, and openSUSE Tumbleweed) will pick up the latest version in their respective repos.

You can read more about this new release in the official LXQt announcement.


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