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elementary OS is a special Linux distribution for many people. It’s beautiful, easy to use, and reliable as any on the market. The most recent version of elementary OS is 7 (released 31 January 2023) and version 8 is on the horizon.

The developers have plenty of new things in store for the OS, including Wayland as the default display server, a brand new dock that better integrates with the elementary OS window manager, and a redesigned Multitasking View, which adds an elegant blurred view of the background.

Other features include continued porting of apps to GTK 4, system updates shifted from the AppCenter and into System Settings, much-improved search in System Settings, a new Keyboard Layouts shortcut for quick changes, a smoother fade animation in the Login & Lock screens, and much more.

You can read about all the changes for elementary OS 8 in the February blog update.

Early access builds, as well as experimental builds for platforms like Raspberry Pi 4 and Pinebook Pro, are available to OEMs, first-party contributors, $25+ AppCenter for Everyone backers, and GitHub sponsors.

As of now, elementary OS 8 will most likely be released sometime this summer (2024). For those who want to follow along on some of the progress, you can check out the elementary OS Wayland Dock project board to see how it’s coming along.


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