New Release of Br OS Includes ChatGPT Integration » Linux Magazine


If you’re a web content creator, Br OS might be a great option for you. Only in its 3rd year, this Brazilian-born Linux distribution, created by Anderson Marques, focuses on having an operating system ready to use from the moment of installation.

With Br OS, users will enjoy image and video editing tools, security tools, trace hiding, and tools for publishing content even in countries with authoritarian governments.

However, it’s the integration of ChatGPT that might garner the attention of a lot of Linux users. The developer has integrated ChatGPT in such a way that it’s easily accessible from the desktop menu and doesn’t have access to local data.

ChatGPT runs isolated within the application. By clicking the ChatGPT icon, you can log in with your OpenAI account and start using the service. As you use ChatGPT, the only data the service can collect is what you type into it.

This latest release of Br OS includes Linux kernel 6.2, KDE Plasma 5.27.4, and QT 5.15.8.

You can read all about the latest version from the release notes (in Portuguese) and download an ISO for installation from the official Br OS site.


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