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The popular Linux PC forge TUXEDO extends Ubuntu to include the latest KDE packages and says goodbye to Snap for its in-house TUXEDO OS distribution. The latest version is suitable for any PC.

It is hard to predict whether installing Linux on a new PC will work without detours. Individual components might only work after some time-consuming research and extensive efforts to install the required drivers. In fact, the result might even turn out to be a non-booting total failure. That’s why Linux-friendly hardware vendors offer computers with a preconfigured Linux system, where everything is guaranteed to work. Some go so far as to put together their own distributions, which include all the required drivers, kernel patches, and additional tools for all the computers they offer.

This is true, for example, of US supplier System76 or the German computer manufacturer TUXEDO. Both these vendors provide their own signature Linux distributions, but, whereas System76’s Pop!_OS has been freely available for some time, TUXEDO’s TUXEDO OS was intended only for TUXEDO customers until September 2022, when developers released TUXEDO OS 1 as an ISO image. The version 2 release was imminent at the time this article was written. We decided to take a look at TUXEDO OS 2 Preview [1].

TUXEDO OS 2 is based on Ubuntu 22.04, but it comes up as TUXEDO OS 2 when you type lsb_release -a or display the /etc/os-release configuration file. Nothing changes in terms of the typical Ubuntu-style conventions: For example, there is no root account, and you need Sudo to gain administrative privileges.


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