Nitrux 3.2.1 Released with Plenty of Improvements » Linux Magazine


Nitrux is powered by Debian, KDE Plasma, and AppImages and not systemd. So, if you’re not a fan of the systemd initialization system, there’s a new release available for you.

The latest iteration of Nitrux uses the Liqourix Linux 6.6.9 LTS kernel and ships with KDE Plasma version 5.27.10 LTS (along with KDE Frameworks 5.114 and KDE Gear 23.08.4).

As far as KDE Plasma is concerned, Nitrux 3.2.1 does trick it out a bit, with a Cover Switch effect (for window switching), the ability for users to restart KWin X11 sessions, an improved logging system, updated themes, and better fractional scaling.

There also are a few new additions to Nitrux, including the phodav WebDAV server, Plasma Gamemode extension (which is a re-add), the rng-tools random number generator daemon, SPICE agent for Linux (which is an open source solution for remote access to virtual machines), pwgen (for automatic password generation), KDE Wacom tablet KCModule, a new system font (Switzer), Active Blur, and more.

One new feature that should excite users is the addition of Polonium, a tiling window manager for KWin 5.27 and newer.

You can read more about the Nitrux 3.2.1 release in the official announcement and download the ISO via the official Nitrux site.


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