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Nitrux 3.5.1 Available for Install » Linux Magazine

Nitrux 3.5.1 Available for Install » Linux Magazine

Nitrux is one of the more popular immutable, systemd-free Linux distributions, and the developers have announced the latest release available for installation.

This latest iteration ships with a Liquorix Linux kernel (version 6.9.7-1), which is designed for low latency compute for audio/visual production as well as to reduce time deviations when playing games.

Nitrux 3.5.1 also ships with the latest NVIDIA 555 graphics driver, which includes explicit GPU sync for Wayland. As well, you’ll find the Mesa 24.1 graphics stack included.

The NetworkManager received some attention. With this release, dpcpcd is used for DHCP addresses and Dnsmasq for the DNS resolver (instead of the internal DNS client). NetworkManager also handles all network interfaces by default.

The Calamares installer received several updates by way of the configuration, such as the prevention of invalid characters for hostnames, TypeError fixed in the Users QML modules, and a reduction of the time characters are visible in the password field when typing a password.

Other changes focus on the sysctl configuration, initramfs, ISO size reduction, desktop configuration, the addition of udev rules for brightnessctl, VR devices, Yubikey, and several game controllers, as well as the addition of the lm-sensors hardware health monitoring system.

You can read more about the latest release in the official announcement and download an ISO for installation from the main Nitrux page. Current Nitrux users can follow the steps for upgrading supplied by the developers.


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