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NixOS 24.05 is Ready for Prime Time » Linux Magazine

NixOS 24.05 is Ready for Prime Time » Linux Magazine

If you’re a fan of NixOS, you’ll be thrilled to find out that the latest version, 24.05, is now available for general usage.

For those who don’t know, NixOS is an open source Linux distribution that is based on the Nix package manager to create an immutable OS that relies on the atomic update model. It’s known as the most up-to-date operating system while also offering the most packages. The new release adds 17,777 new packages and 16,249 updates.

NixOS is rock solid and, on the off-chance that something does happen, it’s very easy to recover from problems.

The latest version uses kernel 6.6 LTS (which supports versions going all the way back to 4.19) and offers Gnome 46, Plasma 6, Mate 1.28, Cinnamon 6.0, and even adds support for the Lomiri desktop (think Ubuntu Unity). One thing to keep in mind, however, is that Wayland support is still experimental.

In this latest release firmware blogs are compressed with zstd, which means an increase of 4.4% in size but benefits from a higher decompression speed. NixOS 24.05 can also be run as a totally Perl-less system.

To find out more about the latest NixOS release, read the official release report. You can learn how to install NixOS from the official Download page.


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