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Nobara, a heavily modified fork of Fedora featuring a non-free repository, places a focus on gaming and everyday users.

The Fedora Project describes its workstation edition as “a polished, easy-to-use operating system for laptop and desktop computers, with a complete set of tools for developers and makers of all kinds” [1]. Certainly, over the years, Fedora has been among the major distributions that have steadily improved the user experience. However, for Thomas Crider (aka GloriousEggroll), a former Software Maintenance Engineer at Red Hat, more remains to be done. Since 2022, Crider has been making a concrete critique in a new distribution called Nobara [2]. Presumably named for Nobara Kugisaki, an anime character known for her fierce independence, Nobara runs on Wayland and is available in Gnome and KDE versions. Nobara began as Crider’s personal project, but quickly attracted the interest of others. As of late March 2024, Nobara has a growing list of patrons, and it ranks 11th on DistroWatch’s Page Hit Ranking list [3]. In less than two years, it has established itself as one of the more original recent distributions, thanks to heavy modifications, an emphasis on gaming, and the goal of improving new users’ experience.

On Nobara’s homepage, Crider comments:

“Fedora is a very good workstation OS, however, anything involving any kind of 3rd party or proprietary packages is usually absent from a fresh install. A typical point and click user can often struggle with how to get a lot of things working beyond the basic browser and office documents that come with the OS without having to take extra time to search documentation. […] This project aims to fix most of those issues and offer a better gaming, streaming, and content creation experience out of the box. More importantly, we want to be more point and click friendly, and avoid the basic user having to open the terminal.”


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