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Nobara Project is a distribution based on Fedora that includes a number of user-friendly fixes applied. Not only does Nobara Linux include a number of packages (such as WINE dependencies, OBS Studio, 3rd party codecs for GStreamer, and NVIDIA drivers) not found in Fedora, but it also includes a number of fixes that make the distribution a much better platform for gaming, streaming, and content creation.

With Nobara Linux, gamers and creators won’t have to spend extra time optimizing and configuring Linux to do what they need. It just works out of the box.

Some of the bug fixes and updates found in the latest version include a kernel with cherry-picked zen patches as well as OpenRGB, amdgpu (for pre-polaris cards), steam deck support, Microsoft Surface support, asus-linux patches, and more.

Beyond the kernel tweaks, you’ll also find fixes for Wayland, the latest Mesa release, glibc patched with clone3 disabled, dnf mac parallel downloads increased to 6, GNOME variable refresh rate patches for Mutter, fractional scaling support, and updates for packages like gamescape, goverlay, mangohud, and bkbasalt.

Other updates include those for video codecs, Blender, Davinci Resolve, OBS Studio, Proton, Discord, Flatpak, Nautilus, SELinux, RPMFusion, Steam, OnlyOFfice, and much more.

The latest iteration is based on Fedora 38 and offers separate editions for GNOME and KDE Plasma.

You can read the full release notes here and download an ISO from the official Nobara download page.


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