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Venom Linux is an independently-developed, rolling-release distribution inspired by CRUX. It targets experienced Linux users. Venom uses SysV init as the main init system and BSD-like ports as software packages which are managed by a custom package management tool called scratchpkg (written in compliance with POSIX standards). The distribution offers a simple graphical desktop built around the Openbox window manager and a text-mode system installer.

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 Latest News and Updates
2023-04-29 NEWDistribution Release: Photon OS 5.0
Photon OS, a security-hardened and enterprise-grade appliance operating system that is purpose-built for cloud and edge applications, has reached version 5.0. The new release brings a large number of improvements and new features: “Photon OS 5.0 provides enhancements in Network Configuration Manager, PMD-nextgen, container runtime security, Linux real-time kernel and TDNF features. The release introduces the Photon OS Container Builder tool. This release of Photon OS also supports XFS and Btrfs filesystems, Control Group V2, ARM64 on Linux-esx kernel, PostgreSQL. It contains installer improvements and critical updates to the OSS packages, including Linux kernel version updates. You can now use Network Configuration Manager to perform the following tasks: configure multiple routes and addresses section; configure WireGuard; configure SR-IOV; create NetDev, VLAN, VXLAN, Bridge, Bond, VETH (Virtual Ethernet), MacVLAN/MacVTap, IPvlan/IPvtap, tunnels (IPIP, SIT, GRE, VTI); create, configure, and remove virtual network devices; generate more flexible netplan like network configuration from a YAML file….” Continue to the release notes for a detailed list of new features, package updates and known issues. Download (SHA512, pkglist): photon-5.0-x86_64.iso (4,410MB), photon-minimal-5.0-x86_64.iso (538MB), photon-rt-5.0-x86_64.iso (683MB). Images for the arm64 architecture are also available.
About Photon OS
Photon OS is a minimal Linux container host, optimized to run on VMware platforms (though it is capable of running in other environments). Photon OS includes a small number of packages and offers users a command line interface. The default installation will often require less than 100MB of memory to run. The operating system comes with Docker pre-installed.

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