PipeWire 1.0 Officially Released » Linux Magazine


Most likely, you use a Linux distribution that employs PipeWire, which is the subsystem that handles audio and video on modern Linux desktop computers. It has been a long time coming, but the release of version 1.0 is finally here.

Version 1.0 enables jackdbus support by default; retains API/ABI compatibility; solves the jitter issue in ALSA (when using IRQ mode); offers plenty of module bug fixes; vastly improves Bluetooth LC3 codec compatibility as well as JACK transport and time handling; optimizes buffer re-use with JACK; better socket permissions; MIDI event recording preview in Ardour; improved resume from suspend in ALSA; and much more.

There are relatively few new features for PipeWire 1.0. You will find a new option for exposing ALSA controls as prop parameters as well as support for XDG-base directories (when loading ACP configurations.

In addition, the update includes support for pause and resume in pipe-tunnel, support for new linear/clamp/recip/exp/log/mult/sing plugins filter-chain; the ability to handle NULL values from mmap_areas in the ALSA plugin; and support for uclamp (to allow the PipeWire scheduler to make better-informed decisions about task placement).

Read the full details on the PipeWire GitHub page for the “El Presidente” release and wait for your distribution of choice to update to the latest version of the sound subsystem.


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