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Br OS, an Ubuntu derivative based on the KDE Desktop, offers sophisticated design and additional security along with an interesting software selection.

Over the years, Ubuntu has become one of the most popular base distributions for other Linux derivatives due to its software diversity and user-friendliness. The Brazilian Ubuntu offshoot Br OS [1] now adds an aesthetically sophisticated design along with some innovative software components.


Br OS has been in development for three years, but most users may not be familiar with the distribution. (In fact, the Br OS website [1] is in Portuguese, but you can translate it with Chrome or check out this Br OS overview on YouTube [2].) Br OS follows the same release cycles as Ubuntu, so there are also long-term support (LTS) Br OS variants. Br OS targets users looking for an all-rounder for daily use as well Internet content creators.

For content creators, Br OS comes with various tools out of the box, some of which are not yet available on other Linux derivatives. Despite these tools, the system has fairly moderate hardware requirements: The developers specify a dual-core CPU and 2GB RAM as the minimum requirements. Beyond that, they make no further demands on the computer. However, Br OS does expect 64-bit compatible architecture. To transfer the current 23.04 version’s hybrid ISO image to a USB storage medium, you will need a minimum of 8GB, because the image already occupies more than 4.3GB.


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