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Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux has made a specialized version of their enterprise-grade Linux server distribution available to the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

Real-Time Ubuntu uses a kernel compiled with PREEMPT_RT, which is capable of preempting all regular threads to allow high-priority tasks to be automatically (and immediately) moved to the top of the queue.

According to Edoardo Barbieri, Product Manager at Canonical, “Canonical’s Real-time Ubuntu marks a significant advancement in the domain of software-defined vehicles, facilitating rapid development and seamless deployment.” Barbieri continued to say, “With the listing in AWS Marketplace, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can now structure their software-defined vehicle strategies based on reliable and secure open-source solutions on the clouds.”

In the words of Arno Van Hyssteen, Telco Field CTO at Canonical, “Canonical’s industry-leading Ubuntu Pro with real-time kernel, provides significant value to our Service Provider and Enterprise customers across multiple industries.”

He added, “We understand the importance of providing secure and reliable solutions, which is why we offer telco SLA-backed support for the real-time kernel enabled within Ubuntu Pro LTS. In-house provision of fixes, security patches, kernel module integration, and operating system platform testing can be cost-prohibitive for organizations, so leveraging Canonical’s expertise and support ensures customers can achieve their business objectives while realizing economic benefits and investment returns from an open-source adoption strategy, without compromises.”

This real-time version of Ubuntu is ideal for any job that places a time-bound demand on a workload and for sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, and data processing that require lightning-fast computing power.

In addition to the extremely low-latency kernel, Real-Time Ubuntu also will receive patches for both Critical and High security-level CVEs as soon as they are made available.

You can read more about Real-Time Ubuntu in this official Canonical blog post.


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