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Rocky Linux 9.3 is ready to download and install. This latest release includes enhancements to the AWS EC2 AMD and Intel architecture AMI image to support UEFI boot, as well as the legacy BIOS option.

There have been plenty of security improvements, including a Keylime rebase to version 7.3.0; OpenSSH was migrated from the less secure SHA-1 message digest; improvements to support the Extended Master Secret (EMS) extension that is required by the FIPS-140-3 standard for TLS 1.2 connections; SELinux tools were rebased to version 4.4.2; OpenSCAP rebased to 1.3.8; and the SCAP Security Guide rebased to version 0.1.69.

As for programming languages and toolchains, you’ll find Redis 7.0, Node.js 20, GCC 11.4.1, Valgrind 3.21, SystemTap 4.9, elfutils 0.189, the addition of the GCC Toolset (version 13), LLVM Toolset 16.0.6, Rust Toolset 1.71.1, and Go Toolset 1.20.6.

A number of issues also have been fixed for the installer and image creator, security, software management, shells and CLI tools, networking, and more.

One thing to keep in mind with this release is that there is no upgrade path to 9.3 from version 8. If you’re running Rocky Linux 8.x, you’ll need to do a fresh install to migrate to version 9.3.

You can download an ISO of Rocky Linux 9.3 and read the full release notes for more information.


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