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If you’ve used Linux long enough, chances are good you’ve heard of a rolling release, which is a distribution that is constantly up to date. Thanks to a continuous stream of updates, instead of having to upgrade from one major release to the next, it’s all taken care of in the normal upgrade process.

Rhino Linux brings this to Ubuntu.

Rhino ships with a customized version of Xfce (version 4.18), called Unicorn, and uses a package manager called Pacstall, which is similar to Arch’s AUR. Pacstall is a meta-package manager that combines apt, pacstall, flatpak, and snap into an easy-to-use GUI. There is also a customized Calamares installer and an app called Your System, which is a GUI tool that allows you to view system information at a glance.

The Unicorn desktop is customized with a handful of open-source software components which were either borrowed from other distributions or created by the Rhino team.

Rhino Linux is aimed at typical users but is also developer-friendly, with plenty of software available for numerous use cases.

You can read all about the official Rhino Linux release here and download an ISO for installation from the official download page.



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