Solus 4.4 is Now Ready for Prime Time » Linux Magazine


Solus 4.4, “Harmony,” is here and it has plenty to offer users. There are four different versions to choose from (Budgie, GNOME, MATE, and KDE Plasma). Each version includes all the updates that come along with the more recent versions of the desktops (Budgie 10.7.2, GNOME 43.5, MATE 1.27, and KDE Plasma 5.27.5). Although not bleeding edge releases, each of these desktops is stable and filled with new features to enjoy.

One welcome change is that, with KDE Plasma, the Wayland session now works out of the box. However, for MATE users, let it be known that the Solus development team plan on sunsetting this version (because the MATE desktop isn’t keeping up with Wayland development). In fact, version 4.4 will be the last to include the MATE option.

As far as software, you’ll find Firefox 114.0.1, LibreOffice, Thunderbird 102.12.0, Mesa 23.0.3, and Linux kernel 6.3.8 (which supplies an even wider range of hardware support). With the new kernel, there’s new and/or improved support for AMD Radeon and Intel Arc, and zram is enabled out of the box for much-improved performance.

You can read more about the Harmony iteration of Solus in the official release notes and download an ISO for installation from the official Solus download page.


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