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Ever since System76 started producing its Thelio desktop computer, I’ve been wondering when they’d finally follow that up with their own laptop.

It looks like that time has come. Carl Richell, CEO and founder of System76 teased two photos of the LCD “A” panel that was milled from 6061 aluminum bar stock that will be used as part of the new laptop, dubbed “Virgo.”

When questioned about ODEM or OEM involvement with the Virgo, Richell had this to say, “…there wouldn’t be an ODM or OEM involved in this case but some outside suppliers would make parts for us that we design. We don’t have SMT machines for PCBs for instance but we do the EE work. We have laser, mills, brakes, 3D printing, paint, fastener machines, and other machines and techniques in the Denver factory.”

In other words, System76 will be creating everything their factory will allow them to, and all other parts will be supplied by third parties.

Another very interesting aspect of the Virgo is (according to Richell) that it will use the same keyboard design as System76’s Launch keyboard, which means it will be a low-profile, mechanical keyboard.

Richell said (in the Fosstodon thread on Mastodon) that a rough prototype should be complete in a couple of months but there are no specs or other details.


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