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System76 is not one to sit back and let the competition get ahead of them. To that end, at CES 2024 the company put on display its new Thelio Major, which included the powerhouse AMD Threadripper 7980X. This CPU includes 64 cores, 128 threads, and is based on the Zen 4 architecture.

During the demo, System76 put on display a thermal-driven desktop machine with the AMD CPU, along with an NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU.

System76 put together an impressive demo to show off the speed of the new Thelio Major, which automated renders, alternating between Stable Diffusion and Blending with thirteen steps. You can read about the process on the official System76 blog.

The company also announced they are developing a Thelio Mega with the Zen 4 Threadripper, which will be System76’s most powerful desktop to date and includes a quad-GPU setup created specifically for professional AI workloads. The Thelio Mega will be released after the new Thelio Major.

So far, there’s no word on pricing or release dates for either machine. You can keep watch on the System76 Thelio page to find out when the machines will be available and how much they will cost.

Although you’ll see a Thelio Mega already listed, that machine is equipped with an AMD Threadripper 5000 WX and not the Zen 4 Threadripper 7980X.


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