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KDE Kleopatra, a front end for the GNU PrivacyGuard command-line program, lets you sign and encrypt email for more secure communication.

In a dense network consisting of many connections, there are many routes that potentially lead to the actual target. On the Internet, the routes for data packets are not hardwired; instead, the packets pass through different servers as a function of the current load. You can never rule out the risk of an attacker gaining access to your messages and manipulating them.

One solution is to sign emails or the attached files. You can create a checksum based on a secret key that others can check but cannot spoof without access to your private key. OpenPGP [1] is a popular mathematical approach that guarantees the verifiability of a signature for all recipients while offering forgery protection at the same time. The approach is also useful for encryption.

KDE Kleopatra [2], a convenient graphical front end (Figure 1), removes the need to directly control the idiosyncratic GNU PrivacyGuard (GnuPG) [3] command-line program.


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