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Stitch the best parts of your home videos together – without diminishing the quality.

Do you have lots of digital family videos, full of priceless memories lost among many other scenes that aren’t worth preserving because someone forgot to turn off the camera? Do you have old recordings of TV shows that would be much more enjoyable without commercials? Would you like to remove all that chaff, to get videos that people would like to watch? If these scenarios sound familiar, you might find LosslessCut [1] quite useful!

LosslessCut is a multiplatform, open source software program that aims to be the “Swiss Army knife of lossless video/audio editing.” Think of it as a digital Moviola, whose purpose is not to create fancy special effects, but to let you cut and paste multimedia clips as simply and quickly as possible without degrading their quality.

In this tutorial, I explain LosslessCut’s main features and how I use them for my video-editing needs: to clean, consolidate, and catalog personal videos. Next, I will introduce a less frequently used way to semiautomatically use LosslessCut, as well as briefly discuss how to use LosslessCut and other tools to catalog multimedia files.


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