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TUXEDO Computers Announces InfinityBook Pro 14 » Linux Magazine

TUXEDO Computers Announces InfinityBook Pro 14 » Linux Magazine

TUXEDO Computers has refreshed their popular InfinityBook Pro 14 with a 16:10 3K display, a 99 Wh battery, and full Linux support.

According to TUXEDO, “The unique combination of an extremely light and slim magnesium body with an exceptionally powerful high-end processor for this form factor and the maximum 99 Wh battery capacity allowed for airplane carry-on combines maximum mobility with strong performance for business, multimedia, and even image and video editing on a premium 14-inch high-resolution display.”

The 99 Wh battery delivers a reported 16 hours of idle time and is charged, via the USB-C (Power Delivery DC-in) or the 90-Watt power supply.

As far as CPU goes, the refreshed InfinityBook Pro 14 includes an Intel Core i7-13700 (14 cores and 20 threads) that can be driven with 40 watts (instead of the weaker 15 watts of energy-saving CPUs in competing ultrabooks), thereby turning this laptop into a beast of a mobile workstation. And with dual-fan cooling, there shouldn’t be any concern about heat.

TUXEDO also includes the pre-installed TUXEDO Control Center, so users can easily adjust the power limits for the CPU (between 5 and 45 Watts).

The display is 3K and the chassis is a slim 17mm thick with a 1.3 kg magnesium case. You can equip the TUXDEO InfinityBook Pro with up to 2 32 GBDDR5-6400 RAM and 1 M.2 SSD (PCI-Express 4.0) with up to 4 TB of internal storage.

The TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 can be pre-ordered today and delivery will start at the end of May.

The base configuration of the InfinityBook Pro 14 – Gen8 with Intel Core i7-13700H, 14-inch Omnia display, 2 x 8 GB DDR5 RAM, a 250 GB Samsung 980 SSD as well as TUXEDO OS preinstalled has an entry-level price of 1,427.73 EUR (excl. VAT).


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