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Ubuntu Budgie Shifts How to Tackle Wayland » Linux Magazine

Ubuntu Budgie Shifts How to Tackle Wayland » Linux Magazine

Up to now, Ubuntu Budgie has held fast to Xorg as their windowing system. They focused their efforts with the help of Enlightenment, but, with that relationship souring (due to very slow development on the Wayland/Enlightenment front), the Ubuntu Budgie team has decided to part ways and are now considering Xfce as their guide.

The current Enlightenment/Wayland support is far from suitable for end users, which puts Ubuntu Budgie at an impasse, as they want to make the switch.

To that end, the team started exploring different routes to success and decided Xfce’s work with libxfce4windowing offers them the best chance for success. The libxfce4windowing layer serves as a bridge between X11 and Wayland to make the transition as seamless as possible.

The two teams have decided to collaborate on the Wayland mission to build a robust, seamless experience for users and, hopefully, will be able to deliver much sooner than they would have previously. And with elementary OS prepping to migrate to Wayland for version 8 of their distribution, it’s becoming more and more important for other distributions to follow suit.

X11 is an insecure and inefficient protocol and the project’s development has hit an all-time low.

Because of those two reasons alone, every Linux distribution must find a way to make the switch to the more modern, secure windowing system.

This was originally reported on both The Register and ISP.PAGE.


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