UbuntuDDE 23.04 is Now Available » Linux Magazine


UbuntuDDE makes it possible to enjoy the Deepin Desktop with a base of the latest Ubuntu release. This combination is not only beautiful, it’s also reliable and secure.

This new release uses Deepin 23 (from May 2023), which comes from the upstream Deepin Desktop Environment and includes some (but not all) of the usual Deepin tools (such as Music, Move, Calculator, Log Viewer, and Text Editor).

You’ll also find Firefox, GIMP, LibreOffice, and Thunderbird along for the ride. As far as the kernel, UbuntuDDE ships with version 6.2.0-27-generic.

For those who need even more software, there’s a Software Center (that isn’t the default Deepin tool) as well as Snap. With that combination, you can install a plethora of applications (even apps like Spotify and Slack).

As far as the Deepin Desktop Environment is concerned, the 23rd iteration makes for an elegant and user-friendly desktop. For those who like to customize and configure, the Control Center is broken into easy-to-use categories, making the setup of things like user accounts, desktop preferences, printers, etc., even easier.

You can download an ISO for UbuntuDDE from the official download page and read through the release notes to find out everything that went into making this new version.


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