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Linux supports a number of easy graphical tools for saving data to compressed archives.

Compressed archives make it easier to email and share large volumes of data. While Linux offers a variety of command-line tools that support different formats and functions, graphical front ends and easy-to-use, standalone packing programs can save you the trouble of having to learn the syntax. This article explores some popular options.


Ark [1] is KDE Plasma’s graphical front end for managing archives. When you install a distribution with KDE Plasma desktop, Ark is typically installed automatically. Ark uses Linux command-line programs as a back end. You have the choice of using archive tools such as Gzip, bzip2, 7-Zip, RAR, and Tar. With Ark, you can create and extract archives, as well as view and modify them.

If you call the program from the KDE Plasma desktop menu, you will be taken to a simple window with a conventional buttonbar and two buttons below: Open Archive and Create Archive (Figure 1).


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