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The team behind Zorin OS is proud to announce the release of the beta for version 17 of the popular Linux distribution.

The developers and designers behind Zorin OS listened to the feedback of the community when creating the new release to bring what they are calling the “greatest and most refined computing experience ever.”

New features found in Zorin OS 17 beta include a universal search in the main menu, which allows you to search for apps, files, calendar appointments, contacts, world clocks, apps that can be installed from the Software store, and even use it as a calculator. It’s also possible to customize the search providers within Settings > Search Panel.

Zorin OS 17 beta also refines multitasking by taking a nod from GNOME 45 and arranging workspaces horizontally. Users also can open the overview with a 3-finger up or down swipe on a touchpad and switch between workspaces with a 3-finger swipe to the left or right. And when you double-tap the Super key, the app grid expands so you can open a new app by dragging and dropping its launcher to the desired workspace.

There also is the new Spatial Desktop, which gives you better contextual awareness of what’s on your desktop. The Spatial Desktop includes two features: Spatial Window Switcher (which replaces the old, flat switcher with a 3D option) and Desktop Cube (which resembles the old Cube desktop from Compiz). Both of these new options are not only an easier way to interact with your workspaces but also add enough eye candy to wow users.

Other improvements include performance optimizations at every level, a refreshed Software store, advanced window tiling, improved Quick Settings, a new Power Modes option, new screenshot and screen recording tools, a redesigned weather app, and (coming soon) two new desktop layers.

If you’d like to test the beta of Zorin OS 17, you can download it here.


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