Introducing Scientific American ’s New Today in Science Newsletter

Introducing Scientific American ’s New Today in Science Newsletter

We’re delighted to introduce Scientific American’s new and improved Today in Science newsletter. We hope you’ll enjoy this free daily delivery of the latest insights and discoveries from across science, health, technology, math, nature, and more. Our aim is to create a daily experience where we share what we’re learning and what we’re excited about in an informal, personal, welcoming way.

Andrea Gawrylewski will be your guide and the main author of the newsletter, which will present recommendations and highlights from across Scientific American’s editorial team. Andrea has been an editor at Scientific American for more than seven years, and she also manages our special collector’s editions, which are available on newsstands or online through an Unlimited subscription. She knows a lot of things about a lot of things, and she’s eager to share what we on staff are buzzing about.

You can sign up here for Today in Science, as well as our other newsletter offerings, including a weekly digest. Our topic-focused newsletters are hosted by specialized editors, who highlight the most fascinating stories in their areas of expertise: senior health editor Tanya Lewis writes our Health & Medicine newsletter; associate sustainability editor Andrea Thompson writes on Earth & Environment; senior space and physics editor Lee Billings writes on, you guessed it, Space & Physics; senior mind and Brain editor Gary Stix writes our Mind & Brain newsletter; and associate technology editor Sophie Bushwick hosts our Technology newsletter.

It’s a big year for us at Scientific American. We relaunched our podcast series, called Science Quickly, which is reaching more podcast fans than ever. (I highly recommend our recent series on the biggest birds in the history of the world.) We’re updating our customer service platform to make it easier to subscribe and give gifts. Our engineering team is strengthening our infrastructure to make our website faster and improve the user experience.

We welcome your feedback on the new newsletter and everything we’re doing at Scientific American. Please feel free to contact us at or to write Andrea at with newsletter suggestions.

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