5 products we expect to see at Google I/O (and 3 surprise picks to keep in mind)


The Pixel Fold may be the most highly anticipated product from Google this year. The company’s first foldable device is expected to launch, or be announced at least, during I/O and comes at a time when the likes of Samsung, Motorola, Oppo, and other overseas manufacturers are near refinement in terms of shape-shifting hardware.

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Besides needing to nail down the dual-screen form factor, all eyes are on Google to deliver an Android experience that can adapt and keep up with the newer range of use cases, which the company has already made inroads into with Android 12L. If the Pixel Fold achieves this seamless switching between inner and outer displays, that transition alone will give it a leg up against most of the competition.

Perhaps the biggest catch with the Pixel Fold will be its price, as has been the case with every other foldable to date. A report from CNBC¬†hints at a $1,700 price tag, matching Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Z Fold 4. To compensate, the Pixel Fold will boast ‘the most durable hinge on a foldable’, a water-resistant build, and a 5.8-inch exterior display and a 7.6-inch interior display, according to leaked internal documents. Stay tuned to Google I/O for more.

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