7 Google Pixel phone settings you should change immediately


Whether this is your first time using a Google Pixel, or an Android phone in general, do yourself a favor and get familiar with the Quick Settings menu. You can access it by swiping down from the top of the screen. The Quick Settings menu, as the name implies, presents you with a layout of one-tap shortcuts, including access to Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth, alarms, location services, and more.

You can modify this list of toggles by tapping on the pencil icon when you expand the list of Quick Settings. Then, simply drag and drop shortcuts, remove the ones you don’t need, and position the toggles to your liking.

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As a bonus tip, it never hurts to set a timed Night Light — think digital blue light filter — for when you’re using your phone before bed. Tap and hold the Night Light Quick Settings toggle to open its full settings > set the filter intensity (the stronger, the warmer-toned the display gets) > then set a schedule.

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