AMD debuts the Ryzen 7040 series, with dedicated on-chip AI engine


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AMD on Wednesday evening unveiled the Ryzen 7040 series, the industry’s first mobile x86 processor to feature a dedicated on-chip AI engine. AMD CEO Lisa Su debuted the chips at CES in Las Vegas, using the show’s keynote stage to showcase AMD’s advancements in AI and other areas of innovation. 

“AI is truly the most important megatrend for the future of tech,” Su said in her keynote address. 

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The new Ryzen 7040 series is powered by the new Ryzen AI engine. The Ryzen AI engine is the first productized version of the new XDNA — a highly configurable accelerator adapted from AMD’s acquisition of Xilinx. The accelerator can be configured for different applications and the right power efficiency and will be deployed broadly across AMD’s product portfolio. 

The 7040 series for laptops is an ultrathin processor that uses 4nm process technology and houses more than 25 billion transistors — nearly twice as many as the Ryzen 6000 generation. The processors will enable more than 30 hours of battery life.

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The dedicated on-chip AI engine will “open up more lifelike collaboration experiences with enhanced audio and video,” Su said, as well as other benefits like more real-time gaming performance.

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The first Ryzen 7040 series notebooks will be available in March, while more than 200 designs are on track to launch this year.

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