An AR headset for work? Apple just bought Mira, a startup that builds exactly that


Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro was just announced on June 5, 2023.

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Picture yourself working with machinery and needing to get a second opinion from a mentor on a piece of equipment that decided to quit on you. You put on your AR headset and make a quick call and get a second pair of eyes on exactly what you’re looking at in seconds; no need to hold a phone camera to it, or have an out-of-state employee travel to your location. That’s what Mira’s doing — that, and much more.

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Apple has just acquired an augmented reality startup called Mira, in a deal reported by The Verge that comes just a day after Apple itself announced its own headset, the Vision Pro.

The deal was announced by Mira’s CEO, Ben Taft, through a post on his private Instagram account, that read “Excited for Mira’s next chapter, at Apple :)”. The post also indicated that Apple has integrated at least 11 Mira employees into its workforce as part of the acquisition contract. 

Mira headset

One of Mira’s AR headsets at work.


Mira’s AR reach goes beyond the industrial workforce to include military contracts with the US Air Force and, according to The Verge, contracts with Nintendo World for its Mario Kart rides at Universal Studios in Los Angeles and Japan. The rides reportedly use AR headsets made by Mira. 

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The LA-based startup’s biggest focus areas are manufacturing, as well as the food service, mining, and chemical industries. 

Like Apple’s Vision Pro, Mira’s AR headset features “a display that doesn’t block the user from the real world”, and is also compatible with personal protective equipment (PPE) like hardhats and helmets as a clear lens that the worker can flip up or down. 

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The Apple Vision Pro a $3,499 mixed-reality headset launched during WWDC 2023 on Monday, wowed the crowd with its capabilities and price. Apple’s AR headset continues the conversation about how large and immersive the Apple ecosystem can become. With this acquisition, that conversation gets even more interesting. 

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