Anker’s MagSafe portable power bank rival’s Apple’s, and it’s 30% off for Prime Day


Anker 622 Magnetic Battery

Christina Darby/ ZDNET

Apple’s MagSafe technology has attached many, myself included, to easy wireless charging. And reinforcing the Gen Z stereotype, I am in fact, constantly on my phone. Therefore, I’m often in need of a battery top-up or even a lifeline. To help resolve my battery anxiety, I use Anker’s 622 MagSafe portable power bank, which is now on sale for only $40 thanks to Prime Day. 

With my phone always in hand while navigating the busy New York City streets, I love that the Anker 622 is sleek and lightweight without compromising magnet strength, so it securely yet unobtrusively sticks to the back of my iPhone. Ultimately, it’s designed with portability in mind and fits comfortably in my hand while in use, and in pretty much any purse when it’s not. Not to mention, it’s less bulky and more expensive (even with Prime Day price drops) than Apple’s version

In use, I found that the Anker 622 is better as a battery top-up as opposed to a “quick charge” solution, but it comes in handy when my battery starts to creep into the 20s and I still have a commute home ahead of me with no cord and outlet in sight. The pack itself requires a USB-C cord to charge, and I can usually last about two full days of use before needing to plug it in again. 

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Aside from its pocketability and power, my favorite Anker 622 feature is that it doubles as a kickstand. As a multi-tasker, I love not having to choose between charging my phone and having a virtual dinner-date with my long-distance friends and family. 

For a wire and worry-free solution to charging your iPhone and kickstand versatility, snag this charger for only $40 before Prime Day comes to an end tonight. 

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