Every Apple product we’re expecting at WWDC 2023: Reality Pro headset, MacBook Air, more


WWDC, fundamentally, is a software-centered showcase, with Apple typically previewing what’s to come with its iOS, WatchOS, iPad OS, MacOS, tvOS, and now xrOS platforms.

This year, iOS 17 is expected to bring quality-of-life improvements to the iPhone, including changes to Siri and CarPlay, better accessibility features like Personal Voice and Live Speech, and even a new smart display feature that turns the device, when locked, into an informational hub.

Also: Apple devices are about to get a bunch of new accessibility features

With WatchOS 10, reports suggest that Apple is giving its wearable operating system a design makeover, shifting from complex interactions to a more glanceable, widget-based experience, much like the elements on an iPhone home screen. Simply put, smartwatch displays are too small for focused tasks like replying to emails and checking fitness metrics. The new software should make things easier to navigate and on the eyes.

As for the other software versions, we’ll have to wait until WWDC to see what Apple has in store. Based on how much the company has already announced heading into event day, you can expect a lot more from the technology giant.

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