Home Technology Google is using AI to make multiplatform programming easier with Project IDX

Google is using AI to make multiplatform programming easier with Project IDX

Google is using AI to make multiplatform programming easier with Project IDX

Google Project IDX


Imagine an all-in-one tool for software development that you can access from your web browser, wherever you are, even on your tablet. The tool would feature cross-device syncing, built-in artificial intelligence code support, and integrated Firebase Hosting support for easy deployments. 

You don’t have to imagine it much longer: Google just unveiled Project IDX, a platform that centralizes configurations in a browser-based environment to streamline the programming process. 

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Built on Google Cloud, Project IDX leverages the foundational model Codey to work as a text-to-code AI assistant, helping developers generate and complete code quickly for higher-quality output in less time.

An illustration of the multiplatform preview with the web preview, Android emulator, and iOS simulator.


Developers will also be able to request contextual code actions from the built-in chatbot. For example, they could ask the bot to explain the code or add comments.

Since Project IDX is a browser-based development tool, it’s easily accessible on almost any device with a web browser, from Android to iOS to desktop, with each workspace possessing the full capabilities of a Linux-based virtual machine.

The new Project IDX allows developers to easily switch between projects without configuring a new development environment each time. This cloud-based solution boasts preset templates for popular frameworks that allow developers to set up almost any stack they need. 

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Integrated with Code OSS, Project IDX supports many popular programming languages and frameworks available, no matter whether developers work with Dart, Python, JavaScript, or others. 

And with cross-platform preview, Project IDX includes web preview for developers, with plans to support a fully-configured Android emulator and an embedded iOS simulator. 

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Google also announced the integration of Firebase Hosting in Project IDX to make it easier and faster to deploy to production. 

Access to Project IDX is limited to a free preview program open to developers. Google hasn’t shared any pricing information for its new platform nor information on when it’ll be widely available. 

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